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Connections: A Southern Golf and Vacation Guide
has moved to SEGETAWAY.COM

Note! After running Connections: A Southern Golf and Vacation Guide since 1994 , we have arranged with Vision Technology Management to continue operating and maintaining it as of 2000. If you are looking for travel related pages please follow this link to Connections: A Southern Golf and Vacation Guide. Unfortunately, we have not updated this site and very little has changed since this iteration first appeared 1998. We now used drupal, moodle, and our own perl based content management system when appropriate.

Please visit another one of our sites: The Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac Information Center at or or 1151 Clinch Road or RedKey U2F

Free Swimming Sites we have done in Drupal are Alberta Marlins Aquatic Club, Medicine Hat Waves Swim Club and the Alberta Marlin Aquatic Club from 2006-2011. Latest community project is Medicine Hat Active a massive event uniting all the not for profits in the city.
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