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Aesir On Guard - Notification Specifics

Aesir On Guard Aesir On Guard is a watchdog monitoring service designed for those who need reliability information about their web site or service.

Notification of Errors The primary means of notificaion for errors is via email. If the service Aesir On Guard is monitoring for you is down, a detailed email message will be sent to the address we have on file for you. This message will contain the time of the error, the URL or tcp/udp service which failed, and a description of the error.

In addition, we can also notify you by pager (certain restrictions apply). Each pager message will contain the error code and a coded number for the URL or tcp/udp service which failed. The URL number is the sequential number assigned to the service being monitored. The number will begin with 1 and are ordered the same as on the request for service application.

Error Codes

Contact Information If you have any questions or would like to discuss Aesir On Guard with technical support, contact our office at:

Aesir Computing, Inc.

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