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Professional Web Hosting

What is Web Hosting? This is an outsource strategy that is extremely cost effective and offers higher quality, higher performance, and more service flexibility than is available from in house solutions. This is not a reduction of control on the part of businesses and hybrid hosting strategies such as our Image Servers are our preferred method of hosting at Aesir. This service allows your to load and page balance your graphics on your existing web hosting server and deliver your graphics to your customers using different scheduling strategies.

A Professional Web Hosting Service The Aesir Web Hosting Advantage is a standard feature that is enjoyed by all Aesir clients. The hosting is performed on Aesir Computing, Inc "Sun Servers" at multiple physical distinct locations on the internet for increased availability and protection against peak loads and network congestion. Our web servers have built in management modules that allow our network operation staff to pinpoint hot spots and keep our hosting service at peak operating performance. All software is developed by a seasoned engineering staff with an average 15+ years commercial network software development each. Every aspect of the company and its employees is focussed on the Internet and network related technologies. Our Web products have been deployed since March 1994 and have held up to the ever increasing changes of the internet.

Service Features
  • Network Operations Center (24x7) Coverage
  • SPARCservers in multiprocessor configurations
  • Aesir*Web Intelligent web server
  • Aesir*Web Image Accelerators web server
  • Aesir*Web Load and Page Balancing modules
  • Aesir*Web Management Stations
  • Aesir*Web Registration Robot
  • Aesir*Web Log Analysis Tools
  • Aesir*Web Search
  • Aesir*Web Web Trends
  • Aesir*Web Multi-machine hosting (currently 12 machines)
  • DNS and Mail on different machines then web servers
  • Redundant hardware held in reserve for peak periods
  • Secure Transactions (SSL)
  • Firewall
  • Configuration Management
  • Multiple connections into the Internet (1.5Mb/s to 100Mb/s)
  • Staging Web servers
  • Development Web servers

Where is the optimal location to host my web pages on the Internet? There are currently three optimal strategies for web page locations that most hosting companies attempt to provide.

Place your web pages closest to where your web page visitors are located. Obviously, this make a lot of sense since every customer would have direct highspeed access to your web pages and eliminate any network congestion caused by NSPs (national service providers) and eliminate the delay that any prospective customers would experience when visiting your pages. This requires that your pages be hosting at multiple locations to receive this benefit.

Place your web pages at network connection points (NAPs - network access points) where the major NSP's (MCI, BBN, UUNET, Sprint, Netcom, ANS, PSI, etc) connect their regional networks and thus forming what we call the Internet. This has the advantage of possibly eliminating one regional network from your prospective customers when they view your web pages. By eliminating just one of these regional networks, you have increased the reliability of accesses to your site.

Place your web site with a web hosting company with high speed connectivity. This offers high connectivity and high speed delivery of your web pages but suffers from multiple NSP's (MCI, BBN, UUNET, Sprint, Netcom, ANS, PSI, etc) regional networks and any associated delay during congestion or outages. For example, if you hosted your web pages with MCI and a prospective customer is viewing your web pages from AOL. That customer has two regional networks to cross before reaching your pages. From AOL they must use the ANS regional network to a network access point and then from there use MCI's regional network to the location where your web pages are hosted. If either MCI or ANS experience congestion or delay with their networks, your pages may appear slow to visitors of your web page.

Should my web hosting company be in the same city that my business is located? Usually the answer is no. Your web pages should be located such that potential visitors to your web site experience minimal network delay. This location may not be in your existing city. Our experience indicates that the ability to communicate with your hosting company on a timely basis should be the overriding concern. You should expect to receive responses to your queries by fax, phone, or email in a timely manner. Please contact us or any of our customers to learn more about the issues that you can expect when developing and hosting your web presence.

Why Outsource Hosting and/or Web Development? If you view your companies web presence as an extension of your existing communication channels (i.e. telephone, fax, print advertising, etc), than you probably already know why delivering your message in a fast and reliable method is important. Put yourselves in your prospective online visitors shoes for a moment and surf to a site where you are waiting for a page to download so that you have the opportunity to read it. How long would you wait? What if this site used only graphics to explain many of its messages and the graphic didn't load? What if you tried to connect to this site and after two or three minutes you still haven't received any information that you can read? You turn off your graphic from loading so that you can read the page faster and the page loads but suddenly your computer crashes as it attempts to display this page. How do you view the company whose site you just visited after this experience. What if you were never able to connect to this site after reading the URL from their print advertising. These are issues that are solved by professional web hosting and development companies every day so that their prospective customers not only receive your message but your message has a positive delivery.

Web hosting can provide solutions to many of the performance problems described above by using high performance UNIX servers, page balance and load balance your pages closer to your consumer, and offer fulltime 24 hour monitoring of their computers for very high reliability. Other problems such as crashing the computers of someone reading your page, delivering a message for visitors who turn off their images from loading, using page constructs that are not rendered by the consumer's browser are issues that must be addressed by your web developer or in house staff.

Why Aesir? Utilizing our own web server technology, we deliver your pages closer to visitors of your web site. This eliminates network delays caused by NSP (network service provider) congestion and results in faster page loading for your site. We can work with any web hosting company to accelerate your pages with our image accelerators or any company that wishes to outsource parts of their web site. We have a two year uptime record of 99.97% with our downtime associated with our upstream ISP's. We are completely focused on web technology and provide a constant array of services based on real world internet experience. We utilize high performance hosting methodologies and are serious about the results you should expect from your online presence. We would be glad to discuss and answer any questions or concerns that you might have on web hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the pricing for this hosting service?

Our raw hosting which offers a guaranteed committed service rate is available in service levels from 128Kb/s to 100Mb/s. All committed service levels offer 10Mb/s or 100Mb/s burst and are throttled down during peak. Our current pricing is $300 per committed 1Mb/s and short-term customer trials (3 months) are available at 128Kb/s for $100/month. If your web hosting company doesn't have answers of how much bandwidth your web site will receive during peak load, you might consider choosing another.

Do we receive all the above services and features?

Customers with similar targeted audience strategies as Connections: A southern Golf and Vacation Guide, Golf Connection, Tennis Connection, and Travel Connection, receive these services at no additional cost. Other non related businesses are able to purchase from the list of services ala carte and pay for only the services that they require.

Contact Information For more information and specifics of our Professional Web Hosting pricing plans, contact our office at:

Aesir Computing, Inc.

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