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What is the Golf Connection? Golf Connection online magazine provides information to the golf traveler about places to play. Golf course and golf country club Web sites developed by Aesir and marketed with the Golf Connection enjoy the benefit of being associated with a fully marketed, successful Web site. Take a moment to review just a few of the many golf courses online with the Golf Connection including Hilton Head National on Hilton Head Island, Palm Valley Country Club in Palm Springs, and Dunes West in Charleston. For each golf course, we have developed a comprehensive web site which answers many of the questions a traveler / golfer may have including:
  • What type of services including membership and public play do you offer?
  • Why should I conduct business with your course?
  • How can I contact your golf course for additional information or to reserve a tee time?
A complete web site yields results. It's that simple. The Golf Connection package has been designed to be comprehensive and to allow you to effectively market your company's golf course to a national and international audience.

Golf Connection Highlights In cooperation with the Connections, Golf Connection, and GolfIS/America Online (keyword: golfis) online electronic magazines your golf Web site will be able to immediately reach the 2 MILLION and growing annual visitors these specifically targeted golf & travel magazines currently attract. The Golf Connection Web sites are also individually marketed to attract attention and traffic to your Web site through registration with popular search engines such as Yahoo!, Infoseek, Webcrawler, and AltaVista. Aesir also arranges for corresponding links with a large number of other golf-related Web sites around the world. Some of the many advantages of having your Web presence designed and managed by Aesir on the Golf Connection include: Each individual course has different requirements for an online presence. Contact our sales staff for additional package information and rates for your custom Web site on the Golf Connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

* Why should my golf course be online?

    A golf course Web site is most effective for those courses and country clubs who have a percentage of their membership or tee time bookings which come from outside their metropolitan area. For example, many golf courses in Florida have a percentage of their tee time bookings from "snow birds" - travelers who leave the northern regions during winter. An online presence allows the traveler to communicate with their club or to learn more about the golf courses in the area they are travelling to. Web sites provide a convenient means to communicate with members and guests of your course.

* How will my Golf Course be developed?

    Your golf course Web site will have its own individually developed and marketed site which includes club membership information, golf packages and green fees, amenities section, directions and traveling information, club events schedule, and special promotional pages.

* How will customers respond to me?

    Included with each Golf Connection Web site are interactive forms which are individually created to meet the club's or course's needs. These forms allow the user to execute requests for reservations, club memberships, or general information. These form requests will be forwarded to the club or course by Email.

* How does the virtual domain and reflective Email account work?

    The virtual domain for your course Web site will be a name which you choose - based on availability. The domain name will be used as your URL (or Web) address: ( The Email reflector account will be addressed [email protected] to allow for uniform advertising of Email addresses and does not restrict the clubs or courses to use any particular Email service provider. An additional option is to have mail addressed with your domain,, reflected to your Email service provider. The best way to describe the reflective email account is that it behaves as a call forwarding service. Each message that is sent to [email protected] is forwarded to the local club or course Email address automatically.

* What does the registration services provide?

    As part of the Golf Connection package, we provide continuous registration of our client's Web sites. This means that each search service is evaluated for hyperlink availability and changes are made accordingly to ensure that your Web site is visible within the search service.

* What type of Web hosting services are available?

    All of Aesir Computing, Inc.'s clients enjoy high performance, professional web hosting via our Professional Web Hosting service.

Contact Information For additional information and specifics of Golf Connection pricing plans, contact our office at:

Aesir Computing, Inc.

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