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Aesir On Guard - Web Site Monitoring Service

Aesir On Guard Would you like to be notified if a computer you are managing becomes unavailable? Do you need detailed information about the web server that your business home pages is on? Have you ever had a suspicion that one of your services such as a WWW server might be dropping connections, slow to answer incoming queries, under attack by denial of service attacks, or worse unavailable to legitimate requests? Or, would you like to have a monthly report detailing these daily connection patterns so that you can plan to add additional bandwidth or servers? On Guard can give you answers to these questions and its detailed monthly reports can help you spot and correct performance problems before they become an issue. Here is a sample monthly Report from On Guard.

What is Aesir On Guard? Aesir On Guard is a watchdog monitoring service designed for those who need reliability information about their web site or service. Simply supply us with a URL or any tcp/udp service which you would like monitored. After a consultation with our operations staff, we chose the most appropriate monitoring probe and time interval for your particular service. Our computers at the MAE-East+ NAP then run these probes to your computer at the agreed upon time interval. These probes will measure the following information about your site.
  • Domain Name Service (DNS) available and working correctly.
  • Is the computer that your service is running on up.
  • Is the desired service on this computer running
  • Is the service functioning properly.
  • What is the connection time to handle this service.
In the event of a failure, our probes which utilize advanced failsafe technology and will contact your pager, and email you with all the information to effectively correct the problem. Each month you will receive a report summarizing the daily events and the minimum, average, and maximum time required to successfully complete the probe.

Who can use this service? Those who would be most interested or able to utilize the Aesir On Guard service would like to:
  • know when your web presence is down
  • track the performance of your hosting server
  • evaluate a hosting company prior to hosting
  • evaluate a hosting company prior to hosting
  • know if are under a denial of service attack
  • know if services such as email are unavailable
  • if services such as email are unavailable
Any individual or company that needs reliability information needs the Aesir On Guard service.

What safeguards are in place to prevent false notification? Aesir Computing, Inc services are directly connected at the MAE-East+ NAP, this eliminates problems with upstream internet service provider outages effecting our probes. Our paging and notification computers are located on different computers so that in the event of a network problem with our computers which perform the probes, these computers will not receive false readings. Finally, we use an adaptive retry algorithm to prevent temporary factors such as router flap or route dampening algorithms from interfering with our measurements. We also set thresholds of how often you will be notified in a cycle so that failed repairs don't result in endless notifications. Our 24X7X365 NOC (network operations center) staff is available at all times tracking your computers.

Are there security issues relating to this service? Because we monitor the actual service, we do not require special protocols and holes to be opened in your firewall. If you have a public service, we can monitor it and not affect your existing firewall policies.

Pricing $20/month first url, $10/month additional URL's.

A 1 year or 6 month prepaid contract is required to initiate service. We will refund any remaining balance if you decide to discontinue service before the contract has completed. A 30 day notification is required to disconnect this service.

Contact Information To sign up for service, please use our online form or for more information and specifics of the Aesir On Guard service, contact our office at:

Aesir Computing, Inc.

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